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Corporate Training in Chicago, Illinois

Diversity Training & Consulting Inc. in Chicago, Illinois, provides corporate sensitivity training, coaching, and education in order to promote acceptance of different cultures in the workplace.

As corporate America continues to grow and work with companies around the world, it is becoming a necessity to enhance our knowledge of different cultures in order to maintain business relationships. At Diversity Training & Consulting Inc., we specialize in EEO training and providing education to help facilitate these relationships.

Through diversity training and employee coaching, we promote cross cultural awareness in the workplace, and encourage the creation of an all-accepting environment.


About Us
Since opening our doors in 1989, the team at Diversity Training & Consulting Inc. has provided consulting services to businesses throughout the United States, and in 8 Latin American countries. We have provided training for more than 15,000 employees, and are proud to be a part of an organization that is moving corporate America in the right direction.

We Have Worked with:

• Health Care Organizations
• Technology Companies

• Governmental Entities
• Educational Institutions

• Manufacturing Companies
• Service Industries
• Financial Organizations

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